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Professional Logo Design

Welcome to Ladybird Logo Design. Offering branding services across the globe! Rest assured you are in great hands.

Logo design is a vital part of branding services which should never be taken for granted as long as you are interested in making your business visible to your customers. Your logo is your identity in the congested market; it speaks more words about your business as a whole than all your marketing efforts combined. While there are a lot of branding services out there, it is very important that you make sure your logo combines all the important elements associated with your business, which will be easy to identify and understand. At Ladybird Design, I’m always on ground to offer professional advice and result-oriented services which will place you on the map and catch those potential customers attention.

Telling your brand story through my designs.

Ladybird Logo Design has been on the market long enough to understand the basic principles of branding and customer behaviour. I go the extra mile to turn your simple (or complex) descriptions into a wonderful logo that will convey your message as a brand. From there follows other Branding elements from Signage Design to Getting your Website up and running.

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What services Ladybird Design offers .

• Logo design
• Business cards
• Branding custom requests
• Pre-made Logos in my Shop

Business Card Design
Business Branding
Help & Advice
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Why is business branding important?

One of the most essential aspects of your new business, is branding. A professional well-looking logo will stand out, and help communicate your business image to your potential clients all over the world. Your logo design is just like a snapshot of your company’s brand, which is usually the first thing your potential customers will put thier eye on, which happens to say a lot about what your business is. You recall the saying “First impressions are lasting impressions”


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If you are in the beauty industry, whether it be make-up, hair or aesthetics you need something that stands out, like really stands out. beautiful colours, stylish and professional looking. If your logo is beautiful then it says a lot to your potential customer on the quality of service you deliver.



There's nothing better than a tasty looking logo. From painted tiered cakes to cute little cupcakes. what ever the clientele you want to attract, from wedding cakes to event catering, your design should stand out and gain attention.



Animals Provide a great Style for your branding if you are a pet professional. It can explain exactly what you do, just by getting a quick Glance from your potential customer. not to mention, animals are just totally cute!



A monogram is a motif or symbol that is made combining 2 or more letters. It conveys the feeling of luxury and style. An exclusive and original logo and most important...Memorable.



A good starting point when thinking about your design and what type of clients your are looking to attract is telling a story through your brand and not just your photos.

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”


Start your branding journey. You deserve it.

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