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Graphic Design

So here’s me Wendi, Proud hardworking mum of 4. Creative and energetic is what I stand for. I am always on the go, trying new things and learning lessons every day. I love all things colourful from photography to watercolour.

Two glorious, hardworking years my business has been flourishing for. I took the plunge and decided to put my graphic skills and many vigorous courses to use. Starting out offering my services on Instagram seems like a life time ago now. From there I have just grown and grown by setting up a successful Facebook page and promoting my little shop on Etsy, which sells Premade ready to go logos that are great for new established low income businesses.

Where does my creativity come from?.

I honestly can’t tell you. It just comes to me. I just jump on an idea and it flows. The planning, drawing and researching play a huge roll in everything I design. I start with a small idea and it turns into something creative and unique.

  • Ideas

  • Planning

  • Sketching

  • Research


Pen to paper plays a huge roll in any type of design. That’s where the magic begins. But there is specific software that is needed for it all to become alive. Your logo and branding needs to be versatile to accommodate all different usage from printed business cards to shop and vehicle signage. Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator play vital parts in making this happen and making sure that it can go billboard size without loosing quality.

Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe After Effects.

Adobe Photoshop.

So what do you do next?

Everyone’s businesses are different and they each require a different style and a different amount of time planning and designing. So please contact me for a quote and my price lists for other branding elements, such as business card design, alternate logos and other graphic requests. You can get in touch by simply clicking on the icons below and sending me a message.

Happy to help with any questions and to guide you on the right path to your Business success.


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“ There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no and WOW! wow is the one to aim for”


Start your branding journey. You deserve it.

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