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January 2020

Free Download Valentines Heart Stickers



Free Valentines printable/digital stickers. Why not jazz up your parcels and letters with these cute stickers. (which are absolutely free BTW!) Or add them onto your photos for your social media posts using an app like EzyWatermark or Canva. As these files are transparent PNGs and come at 300dpi, you can place them digitally on top of anything as well as print! How awesome is that?

There are two sticker downloads directly from my Dropbox (You don’t need an account to download) one is ‘Love is in the Air – Click, Tag, Share’ This encourages your customers to interact on your social media pages, which is super important if you are wanting to build a good following. This would look fantastic on you packaging or equally great on your photos as a watermark. (remember its transparent too ) The Second sticker is ‘Lots of Love inside this’ This is perfect for sticking on parcels and envelopes

So keep your eyes peeled for more AWESOME freebies from Ladybird Logo Design


Love is in the air


Lots of love



April 2019

September 2018

Watercolour logo design using Procreate

Procreate. What’s the fuss about?.


So, I’m always looking for new ways to improve. I like to add a little pizaz into my watercolour logo designs. For months I have been researching and reading reviews in regards to the ipad Pro. I decided to take the plunge and buy it. With an apple pencil of course.

ipad, pro, apple, pencil, logo design


So I am normally a Paint to paper kinda’ girl for watercolour designs and pencil drawings but it’s quite tedious work. Waiting to dry, scanning it in and cutting it out on Photoshop! I thought an ipad might help to quicken the process time. Well we all know what thought does? Well it did good. I am so glad I took the plunge.

So here’s the verdict.

Using the drawing app that’s available on the ipad called Procreate. I managed with ease to navigate around it. (maybe because I’m used to working with layers on Photoshop) I figured what all the settings and different options are about.

After a quick play I decided to create a Sample watercolour image for a logo. ( you can find it to purchase premade here in my shop). I found it a tad different from the real feel of a brush, paint and paper, but it wasn’t a bad experience by far. But I quite enjoyed it actually, NO MESS not one splodge of paint to be seen, bonus.

I decided on a painting some leaf design just to see how it goes and it went particularly well. especially for a first timer.

After I had finished and set about saving my work I saw there was a video playback option, I thought “how exciting” I might make a little video and upload it on my blog. once saved, I uploaded the file into Adobe Illustrator so I could turn this cute little digital painting into a nice Logo design and sell in my shop as a premade logo.


So here we have it my first ever Procreate digital painting and the final piece.



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