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Choose your colours wisely

Choosing a colour palette for your branding adventure is one of the most important choices to make, whilst building a brand. The choice of logo colours can highlight your company’s strength and help attract the right kind of customers.
colour palletes, what colours work well together
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colour palletes, what colours work well
Here are some great resources to help you find your perfect branding palette.

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Colour Lovers

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Colours can have an impact on our emotions and the way we behave, so think about what message you would like to send to your potential customers. Your Personality has to shine through into your branding. You are not limited to one colour, you can be unique. There are no rules. But remember 93 percent of shoppers are drawn to a shop/brand based on their visual appearance. So it is important to get it right. Bold palettes can grab your attention, however at the same time appear ‘in your face’ and too brash! Too many pale tones can lead to being ignored and lost amongst your competitors. It Need not be a daunting task, I have put together a Pinterest board just for you, to give you some inspiration and show how different colours can blend well together.

colour palletes, mixing colours

What the font?

Every font has a unique personality, it’s important that you choose one that best reflects the personality of your business.

Different fonts evoke different emotions. Serif fonts come across as traditional and reliable. They are the most popular choice. Sans-serif fonts give a more modern, stylish and contemporary feel. Script fonts are elegant, classy and feminme.

The choice of font for your logo can say a lot about your business, are you professional and reliable, classy and friendly may be you are a mix of everythng- but how do you make sure you choose something that properly reflects your personality and the services you offer?
cursive font pairing, swrirly fonts, best font for a logo


Serif fonts are the most traditional. These fonts, which have lines at the end of each stroke, look professional and classic.


Sans serif fonts have a much more clean and modern look as they don’t have extra lines or dots at  the ends of the strokes.


Script and handwriting style fonts look more human and usually warm and inviting. They are elegant and suggest luxury, with a more personal touch.


Display Fonts are mostly reserved for logos and headers. They are usually very bold and chunky and occasionally a bit different!

font pairing, what fonts go together, fonts for your brand

Further help with your branding research?.

So hopefully all the info I have provided about putting your brand together, has given you some food for thought? All you need now is the right graphic designer to make it all work, But don’t worry if you still haven’t got any ideas in place. That’s where I come in. I can help and guide you on what could be suitable for the face of your business. If you would like more inspiration for use of font styles and what blends nicely together. I have put together a great font board on Pinterest which you can find here

So lets get started. Rest assured you are in great hands.

Just contact me. Even if its just for a chat, I’m happy to help, and Just a quick click away via any of my social media platforms and shop.

Branding Made Easy…